WarHammer Italian Contest : FAILED

A couple of months ago I've partecipated to an Italian Contest about the famous Warhammer universe.
The Target of the Contest was to create a war flag for the battle troups of Warhammer.

I've partecipated with the image here on the left. This is my personal artwork and my it's fully original. I've tought to an army compose of many Dwarves that ride the Goats.

The results is a glorious standard, and I've though to have done a good work.

To complete this post I will show also the winnings stendards, so you can undestand on your own if this is good or not ; the most important think is that you let me know what you think writing some comments.

In my opinion there was some triks in the judges mind, so not really winners have won, but preferred ones ... but this is only my personal opinion, or , pherhaps , the opinion of a loser.

The Winner number 1 - Yes, this is a very good drawing. I only don't undestand how a Standard of Death, property of the orcs, keeps an orc head upon the wood, and not a human head...

My personal rating: 10

The Second !

I really dislike this... It's not too bad to see, but I think this is not a Standard.
I can see many skulls, flames ... confusion. Everything hide something else, and images has been ripped from Iron Maiden albums, google images, and so on.

My personal rating : 4

The Third!

This is nice, but this isn't Warhammerish! This looks like the army of the Lord of the Rings elves places... do you know, all the armour with plants and the whithe tree of Minas Tirith... Toolkien rules here, but Warhammer... ?

My Personal rating: 7

The Fourth!

This is incredible, easy clean and ... simple. A good formula for a standard, but nothing special... C'mon, it's heavily classic.

My Personal Rating : 6

The Last Winner! The Fifth!

Very good in my opinion. I don't understand why he has used the example standard and not the official icon as the others... mistery.

I do not suppose this is an handdraw of the author, but otherwise, this is great! Of course originality is always the same: a dragon and the flames... ok ok, I stop boring you (what a sadness...)

My personal rating : 8

And you, what Standard do you prefer ?
I only hope to win something with the other The Games Machine Contest.

See ya! Folks!

Lord Hol Napult


Am I a NERD ?

You code, you are a NERD .
This is only the beginning ,I should hope, of the various blame I've heard...

"Someone" think that a NERD is a very strange person, without any social interest, without any hope in love, and , of course, an neglected one.

I suppose that NERD are a social class ; it doesn't matter if they are recognized or not, they are anyway.
And so, if someone tell to you that you are a NERD , it doesn't mean necessary that you are wrong.

- Do you think I'm a NERD because the social manners aren't my tasks ?
You're right; I should run with my car from a place to another in a fast and furious way, like you; or I should wait outside the Pubs speaking about the weather of the day, the pussy girls (of the others), and drinking a lot o alcohol to be the hero of the night... like you; or I should only go to the middle of the public square looking at the total schizophrenia of this world.. like you.

- Do you think I'm a NERD because I always seem to be absent ?
Uh.. What ?

- Do you think I'm a NERD because I'm always in front of the computer ?
Excuse me, but, where are you now and where have you been until now ?

- Do you think I'm a NERD because I do not partecipate too much to my "friends" life ?
Yes, probably there is no future between the laws of the young circles: drugs for funny, violence for saving the boring evening, pub ingnorance to explain fake motivations, smoking for reaching the personality never gained... and so on. Yes, my "friends" lifestyle is not my best.

- Do you think I'm a NERD because I haven't a girlfriend ?
...."Ok dear, you can came out from computer desk, they are gone! We are alone now! :) "

I like to be a NERD, and computer is my war field! join the battles or leave!

Lord hol Napult


No One Shoots Forever - To Hell and Back!

For those who stand and still,
for those who dare in suffering,
for those who have believed,
what cannot die, can still Live!

The site of No One Shoots Forever is reborn.
Against the system, against the fucked ones.

Hell awaits , and we are gathered! That's All

Lord Hol Napult


No One Shoots Forever DOWN !!!

My NosF homepage has been dropped, killed , erased, disappeared!!

The hoster www.Virgilio.it and the partner www.Alice.it, without any information or any advise, erased my entire account !
I cannot undestand why and I'm trying to contact the responsibles to reactivate the account.

Unfortunately the interest that this kind of society put inside the young is very LOW, and for now I haven't received the answer about this bad action.

So the link for the Game is DOWN. Do not try it with hope ...
I think I will soon move to another hosting server to reset the status and make happiness to all my fans.

The Game is FREE, Cages are for losers. To me, they losed.

Thank you & Keep tuned, and of course, enjoy the "gif" ;) !!

Lord Hol Napult


War games are boring !!!

At the beginning (there was the light... ;) there was "Operation Wolf" for C64; it was a videogames with fixed left scrolling and rapid shooting requirements. Also the magazines and the bullets was counted. I remember it because it was too difficult for me: I was a little child.

Then, may years later, come "Wolfstein 3D", by ID Software. A true revolution: a fake 3d world (it was a 2d projiection such as the windows screensaver if you know) and many many enemies to kill .

It was only the precursor of "Doom" itself. Doom has been the real revolution; the art of fake 3d become very fine. Lifters, doors, incredibles scenarios and so on...
It's one of the most important game because it contained the level editor with the possibility to create more maps and play the in LAN mode.

"Heretic", by Raven soft. , was the fantasy version of Doom and inserted inside the 3D engine the possibility to slightly move the head of the warrior from the bottom to the top.
It was only another code tip, used to increase reality. Also the translucent water made it first apperas ..

"Duke Nukem 3D" (3D seems to be well accepted inside the titles....) was the firs fake 2d game with high resolution (800x600) and some more tips to let you feel inside the 3d ambient. There was in fact a scroll scale never seen before again.

"Quake" ! Finally a TRUE 3d engine and low poly enemies... the first graphics card with accelerated 3d engines ("voodoo") appeared. The game was always the same : aliens come to the earth to kill everybody, you are alone, you are the only salvation for humanity.

"Half Life" come like a lightning inside the blue sky! Finally a game where you haven't to kill everything moves, but you must also start to use your brain. It became very popular because of Counter Strike mod and Day of Defeat mod, the first multiplayer games that gave some feelings more ... amusing! The game started to always have the MAP Editor inside as a standard of quality. Anyway there was still more road to travel..

From then , till now start a flood of war games that recreates all the minutes, all the second, all the ambients and all the soldier classes that first and second world war had.
"Medal of Honor", "Return to Castle Wolfestein", "Day of Defeat", "Call of Duty", "Vietcong", "Commandos", "Sniper", and so on... until you are sick!

I'm sick! Tired! Bored! I've played and finished at least the 90% of them and now I feel a permanent deja-vu about everything speak of world war. All my memories about my military duty arises (not so good) and falled (the man fear what he doesn't know...) .
I suppose this kind of fear you all have , the fear that became attraction, is something natural. The man try to exorcise his fears within, and this kind of games are over there for this scope. But now we I suppose we all are full!

A message for Softwar developers :
Stop the Marketing of the War, and grow the marketing of original gameplay and ideas! use the brain! Look at the IO inside! DEUS EX, NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, THIEF ! ...And, moreover, stop boring me !!!

Lord Hol Napult