Simpsonize Yourself !!!

Hi everyone! Today we speak about a funny site that some friends noticed to me a couple of days ago... The site is simpsonizeme.com

This is very very funny place where you can put your photo , loading to the site through the wizard, and your face will be magically transformed into a Simpsons guy!

Incredible, I've tried with me and my girlfriend photo and the results is ... far away from the screens that you are watching.. :

Sorry, the Parsing Engine that elaborate the photo is not so powerful and after the first generated face, you must lurk between the options to better customize you SimpsonFACE.

I've tried to recreate myself customizing the noose, the hairs, the eyes, the color of my skin, the age... there are a lot of parameters. I don't know how many they are and if they really influence the aspect, but the results is quite good.

After only an half hour you can view yourself inside a cartoon.

Of course all this funny has been done for a commercial purpose; if you wish, but not necessarily, you can order a cup with your face, or the one of your family components. Otherwise you can download the image and save it upon the computer.

About that I've found a silly bug that didn't let me saves the "file extension" of the image created. A quick binary analisys and I've discovered that the image are in PNG format, so, if you encounter the problem, simply rename the files as : "yourname.PNG".

Then with a good graphic editor (Photoshop or PaintShopPro...) you can handle the images to create some presentations card or birthday invitations, or whatever you want.

Now try, and remember to give a first person image of you! Not your ass! hehehe.
Good luck Simpsonizers!

Lord Hol Napult


Obscuring Sites - The New Italian Comedy

The New Era gives us a special way to speak and say what we think... a new way to show us as we are, a new way to demonstrate that democracy flows also between a google searching session...
This New Era
gaves the opportunity to every people to decide and organize with others people in every group they would.
This New Era, again, shows us that Internet is our mouth, our photo container, our videocamera to the world, and OUR way to BE.

At the top of this Post, you can see that something is not right for us, only because we are Italian. The Top image is a screen taken from a site that ISN't visible ONLY for italians, but perfectly visible to the rest of the world.

I should not discuss why or where this screen has been taken, It' doesn't matter. I don't discuss about the italian journals and italian freedom of speach... It's a sad task to speak about (and we live a non-journalism and non-freedom epoch).

I will speak how to hack this kind of fuc**d restrictions : http://www.opendns.com/

With this site you can freely register and say to your Italian Providers that you came from Burundi (or elsewhere) and you can , SO, watch every Italian locked site.
Probably there are better site that discuss the HOW-TO about that, but this is the beginning for every damned tyranny that try to break your breath, and silent you voice.

Take a Look at that,
and See YA!

16/08/2008 - Edit:
Italy has just locked in these days the ability to open the Pirate Bay Homepage and listings.
It's always the same story, sad story, where there is a Rich, the Villains, and the Istruments of power. Well, now, as many time before, there also is the "secrets tunnel to enter and exit from the town without paying the passing tax"... heheheh.
Just Configure (no install/no download) your TCP/IP for OpenDNS and you will see the Pirate Bay for first, and for second you....will Fuck the Italian Regime! Damn it!

Lord Hol Napult


Windows Me conflict : Erase and Destroy

All has begun with a failed connection to Internet... the rest is history.

I've just reinstalled my Windows version due to a failed connection to internet. Reading some reviews I've also tryed to install 2 Operative System upon the same machine, partitioning the Hard Drive.
Follow me! Do not try to install Win XP with Win ME on the same HD! It's impossible, because ME is too stupid to understand this, and the formatting process is to old (FAT32) to recognize the other system.

This are the last words of my last "nightmare" month . I've become a scientist trying to find a good resolution for my internet purposes. Win Me, is not very good for networks processing (it sucks very very much.); we can speak about network from windows 2000 or more...

Now every program must be reinstalled and configured... you cannot imagine what a game creator can install upon his machine... this will be my next nightmare... but I'm also happy to be here writings this lines upon the Net.
And while I'm writing (my first 20 minutes on the web) my Firewall has just blocked ...1231 intrusions.

I feel like a red point inside a black paper!
And I must buy a new computer if I want to change the operating system and gaining new coding experiences.

That's all, (and enough for me...)

We all are robots that must repair their problems.
See Ya!

Lord Hol Napult