YouTube - Freedom is only an Hallucination

This is my Hi-Quality res for the Video I've created some times ago. Not too much changed from that time, the smog, the depression of the working mornings, the insane traffic, the cold, and the lead of the road.

I know that there is much worst thing all around me, but the life I've dreamed in my thoughts is a bit different.

We are at war... whithin or outside: "Soldier, move on and stay low !!!".

Lord Hol Napult

PS:Warhammer Contest ended this evening... I hope to win something.. :P


WarHammer Italian Contest

Here in Italy there is an awesome contest, for free. I've decided to join the challenge and dare the world , trying to win this contest.
All I have to do is a flag of war for a WH legion; it should be original, well drawed and must be well accepted to the judges of the contest... of course.
Winning between thousands peoples you will get the warchest for a table playing with your friends, incuding the miniatures of "Battle of the skull way" (I hope to have well translated the italian package). I've never tried really the warhammer world, but some friends of mine did it. I think that I will start now to look at this fantasy, funny and much violent world!
Sadly the contest close at the end of this month, so I must be quick if I want to test my skills... hehehe.
All right, next time you will see the contest draw I've done.. hoping to reach out in this intent.
That's all for now. See Ya!

Lord Hol Napult


Videogames are the Solution ?

Inside the nature of man there is the survival instinct.
At every problem, the man, try to create a solution; often the problem is the life itself.
I look to myself, I see my world , I try my solutions...
My world is full of crime, have a lot of smog, I cannot breath it; my world is gray, cold, noisy, and people seems to be empty cells for me if they don't know me.

Everyone run for something, escaping from a place to another... it's a job! Every car move from north to south and viceversa... they must be quick, faster than the driver brain, so if I'm stupid I can at least go fast and pay less time for my stupidity. And every industry must be big and high... this means it's important!

In my little world I would like TO BURN all of THIS forever because it's a failing solution !!!Failing solutions waste my time, my brain and, probably, the life itself.
We must begin again from zero to find the right answer to our question about progress.

I think, finally, that videogame are the small solutions to many problem we have encountered in this new era.
They keep boys and girls within their homes, in front of a video, someway far from traffic and smog; they allow you to interact without knowing other people (in multiplayer mode) and to be enemies and friends at the same time. They give you a SECOND LIFE because the first is much less funny. I should say SAD at all.

Videogames are the perfect solution to escape from this sad world, but, how do we reached at this suffocating sunset ? And, more important, where will we go ?

Lord Hol Napult