Natale 2006 (Merry Chistmas 2006)

This is my annual post about the propositions for the future... so let' s start with my old 2006 desires, and control if everything gone right :

1) I hope this year all the wars will turn to the end.
Mmm...there has been some progress at this time but , of course, we have to work again with this subject... probably. Repeat. :|
2) I hope this year all the wrong shall fall.
I've had my revenge! In Italy politics confusion and falsity started to fall, leaving hard laws and bitter taste, but I think that's the right way to raise. Approved. :)
3)I hope this year NOSF would grow.
Whoops... I haven't worked upon Nosf, but I started the base coding and the general knowledge to convert my 2d code into an OpenGl super Accelerated engine... Let's continue by this way. Furthermore I've written a new plot for my future levels ...but.. Reperat : >

Ok, reassuming , my Christmas hopes are going 4 this:
  1. I hope this Year all the wars will turn to the end.
  2. I hope this Year NOSF would grow... in accelerated engine!
  3. I hope this Year I will sell at least one copy of my second, very very special project : Builder's Heaven, Your divine Brick for Mainframe Programs_
  4. I hope this Year many people would find the peace I cannot find within me...
And YOU!?! Post what you want from 2007 and, magically, it will became true!

But don't exceed 5 requests!

Lord Hol Napult


Freeware Conversation

>Hi, I'm a videogame. My creator has spent for me at least 1 or 2 years, during nights, days, between a thought and another of life.
Now I feel a satisfied videogame, with good graphic (he also knows to draw) and some good effects (the most ripped, such as guns and explosions, but the others has been done with MP3 voice recorder). The code have been invented too, from zero.

But I given't satisfaction to the public... Why? Because I'm freeware.

- Wait! Explain me better... So? What's happen?
>If you are a zero costs game, it probably means that you are not so good!

- And so, what to do ?
>Oh, I've the only hope that some magazines can try me and introduce me to the others... but I'm sad. My sadness took me in place where there are many as me, the sad side of the videogame. It's a strange place where all that you wait is that a revier tells to the other about you. But you are freeware, and a review is less interested about you such as the others people. If you want to get some attention, you must put yourself in the queue, hope and wait...

- But , after two years of code, drawings, level designing, ripping and manipulating effects, testing , debugging, screaming to the microphone, and realizying the homepage, you still have to wait ?!?


- Damn! I will spoke to my friends about you! But the ones who have played with you, what do they said ?

> Oh.. I must say, they reached the second level and stopped after a few matches. They still haven't discovered the washbasin tip...

- But why now ?!

> Because you are freeware again, and if you seems to be too much difficult is because you are not well coded, because you have zero costs that means zero quality in the mind of the People.

- That's not true, I know many cost titles that are boring and bad coded !
> No way to understand that. At the first, without advertise you are NOTHING! Second, without a price you are stupid game for stupid ones.

- And so, freeware means "dead of videogame.." ?

> No, It only represent the sadness of the coders because the feedback it's always ... such as me : Zero. Zero compliments, zero offerings, zero and no more. Feel free to play Oblivion or Morrowind (perhaps you should spend 50€ for the game and 350€ to updgrade the system) but don't forget that playing videogame means different thing, scope and businnes.

- Thank You NOSF.I'll take care about that !

> Yeah, leave me a sign in the comments then. ;) It's free!

Lord Hol Napult