Free Blogger

There are people in power in Italy that envy the charisma of the youngs, envy their passion, envy the dexterity they have with new technologies.

There are people in power in Italy that has no ideals, hopes, even True friends.
People, that are impregnated by the "stench of compromise, without having never tasted the fresh oxygen of the honesty. "

There are people in power that instead of creating roads for the future, sews Gags for the present. Gags for the Information, for the freedom of thought, or for the single after they isolated him.

There are people in power who believes to be something higher than any human being, a "more" with "more power" and then, they expect to find someone that respects "more" their choices .... (yeah-okkay..).

These people should understand that they have a mandate of "hard work" to respect, a kind of strong start in a long uphill march ...
None of the above. These people think they have reached the end, and they're trying to convince us all.

The law against Blog is yet another demonstration, inapplicable, of how between reality and these people, lies an abyss.

I agree to Free Blogger initiative. Do you too.

Lord Hol Napult