Italy under Pressure

While I'm writing this heavy lines, the italian population is under pressure, due to election of the new government. This is very important because in these minutes they will decide the future of the coders, programmers, electricians, and generally, alle the engineers of my loved country : ITALIA.

About that, too many companies are 'closing the door' because of financial debt and low government consideration. Too many people are losing the Job for wich they studied, worked, and suffered!
I can say , as a part of a big system, that I can comprehend their suffer, and their sadness, and I'm with all of them as a brother or as a worker.

Could people like Silvio Berlusconi or Romano Prodi be the solution of this Italian Era ? I don't know, the only hope is to see my sector increase in competition , personality, and consideration.

Informatic, electronics and engineering are the future, but without present, there's no hope to see the future...

But tomorrow, tomorrow could be another (gray) day...