Informatic without Logistics

There are many things I don't understand (no jokes please :) ), and one of these is the word LOGISTIC.

If I'm listening a discuss with some distraction, the word "logistic" let me think that they are speaking about logic / computers / networks, or something else about coding...
Do not think I'm a fool, but logistic could easily be an informatic terminology, don't you think ?

So I've always felt a bit gelous about this word: L-O-G-I-S-T-I-C.

Is someone tell me that he works as "operator in Logistic networks" , I say:"Wow, what a job!"
Is someone tell to me what is my job :"I'm a coder/programmmer for an agency..." ; mmm, not so futuristic, it isn't ?

The irony proceed when I go by car at job...I see the names of the logistic companies and they are like the following : "Logistic systems", "Logistic NET", "Logistic Future".... Aah, this is too much!
This terminology should be changed or returned to the coders that lurks everyday inside the virtuality of their jobs, using logic, sintax and creating virtual and complicated procedures, and not for a Tir driver that isn't yet able to use a satellitar system and lock the traffic to ask for informations !!! I want a revolution! Corders, let's ROCK!


Lord Hol Napult