Violence inside videogames...

Why are videogames violent ?
Simple, the man is violence; we are animals and inside us there is the survival instinct.
Consider a videogames where you get up, you say "hello" to everyone , you drink some coffee and , in a pseudo happy state, you go to work (this could be the most sold game, such as THE SIMS ).

Now, think about your real life. You get up in the cold of the morning; no one around you to support you; you are late. Always!. You drink something similar to be hot or you drink something cold to do faster. You arrive into the job place, if you have one... quickly someone remind your tasks, and quickly you must accomplish them all. If there is no one to do this, your conscience does it. If you did some mistakes the day before, someone will tell them all to you. It's incredible how reality became a sort of violent punch into your face. The only way to solves this is to do it better.

The humans in the world are educated to respect, quickness, precision, flexibility. Our instinct must be converted in the control of our emotions, to reach a common target; probably the target you point is the target of your masters, but it's not your true target.
This kind of process surely generates aggressiveness. If the things get worse you must relax in some way; violent enterntainment is the key, ready and simple. Revenge, omicide , killing everything is the escape for you from the real life ...inside a digital world; it's more than this, it is the key to travel inside another dimension. Over there, you start from zero, and you should became a myth, and idol, or something more in every videogame. The success will came using the instincts you haven't use into the real life!

So , why videogames keep some violence inside? Because inside a videogame you can show all the HUMAN instinct that elsewhere, in real world, must be hidden and tamed.
And what videogames are looking for inside the gameplay ? They look for freedom of expression and movement, a cliché overwritten from the society and not so completely covered by music and movies.

Now, return to frag them all, hoping reality will leave you a bit more free than it seems to leave.

Lord Hol Napult