The Hero inside...

Videogames, what are they ?
I suppose the best answer is an illusion in which we found ourselves.

Inside a videogame we can became legendary entity with the same purposes we look for in our lives too. Think about the most common videogames : you must kill the enemy, help the reason you believe, and Survive. Probably we are escaping for a while from the sadness of the current times, so colds and so gray. I suppose the main motivation I find to play videogame is to touch new systems ( it doesn't matter the nature they are) exploring and researching and testing if a projiection of myself could be right over there.

In War Titles I like to change the story, in Medieval Rpg's I do the same, but I discover an ancient world too. Inside the Shooter I only look for a blood action to unchain the stress of the day. All this can be done, of course , without offend (or damage) someone or something. That's very good.

..But Sometimes videogames doesn't care about the player and his reaction, his playing (long) sessiong, his capabilities to advance inside the difficultness. I take an heavy sight to the MMORPG because the young generation are completely involved inside of this. Gamewriters should provide an userfull parent tool for time playing limits ! But beyond the videogame there could be the television, and so on.

I suppose , at this point, that videogamers like to be great kings, but they didn't know nothing of nature and mountains around them... they like to be great soldiers, but they didn't do the obligatory military experience anyway... They like to be something they cannot do until they stay over there.The question is : Illusion can cover the "real" Life ? I don't know, MATRIX is a possibility, not a sure projiection....

and So on.. Live the present as a person and play the game as an Hero, but remember that the second is only a less complete illusion than the first :O

Watch below, freedom seems to be lost at this point....
... I suppose to require some holiday.

Lord Hol Napult.

Freedom is only an Hallucination

This video is my personal Bootleg for the Anathema Music and it represents the sadness of a society rythmes and the poorness that my life can assume .
I would like to share this as a personal tribute to the band (that I appreciate) and as a personal cry for True Freedom !!!

[The video]
The Trailer has been created by me using some arranged shortcuts obtained going to work in some of my sad days... Nothing inside the movie is referenced to someone or something or have politics intentions. It's only a personal sum of my actual state of life ; nothing more, nothing less...

[Locations included]
Bergamo/Brescia (Italy)