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Lord Hol Napult


Commodore 64 - The Infinite Legend (C64 Rulex)

Sometimes the Informatic eons runs faster than the light, quicker than a bullet... but you cannot exclude that they leave a permanent mark inside of us.

I'm also an old school videogamer (if the term is enough) and my first computer was the one you can see above: the Commodore 64.
Just think that 64 wasn't a casual number, it really was the amount of Kilobytes of RAM hold...
Let's make this clear:
- 1 byte is composed of 8 bits, i.e. 8 cells that can be ON or OFF (Ex: 10010011).
- 1 Kilobytes are 1.000 bytes.
- 64 Kilobytes are 64.000 bytes.
- 1 Megabyte are 1.000.000 bytes, that also are 15,6 times more!
If you get an old Floppy Disk of 1,44 Mbytes, well, that floppy contains 22 times the RAM of our beloved C64.

I esteem still now the love that some people put into coding a similar machine with 8 bits.
It's a very hard Task, I should say absurd, it's like to realize a super "checkmate" between all the pawns of a chess!

The main screen that I remember with love it's just this, simple and a bit poor, but difficult to forget...
I remember full days that started from here and ended only where the fantasy laid us, taken by videogames that was for a piece to play, for another to wait (loading time lasted hours), and another again to imagine.
In that times in fact, the graphics was so beat-upped that you was forced to interpret it by reason, or better, by your imagination.

Ok, time passed by and the process of crystalization of my records paints them inside like stupend moment of my life... probably they really was like said, but not everything has been lost. And Who should lose a piece of himself so precious ?!?

I will then put to your attention this magic site, searched and found casually, but surprisingly nice!


Here you will find for first the mythic coders that made this history.
And take care about that, because someone of them, today in 2008, are still around coding actual games!
Anyway the very important pass of this site are the original Commodore 64 musics that you can download for free!
I dare to do that ( for sure you need lot of courage!), and I'm not repent about.
I will notify to you my bests musics and you MUST DOWNLOAD THEM, so you will be free to appreciate all of this:
  1. Last Ninja 2
  2. Creatures
  3. Creatures 2
  4. Myth
  5. Golden Axe
  6. Turrican 2
  7. Armalyte
  8. Catalypse
  9. Barbarian
  10. International Ninja Rabbit
  11. Rolling Ronny
Of course to hear them you need also a small software opensource, easily downloadable. It's name is SIDPlay, and the music you will download are, casually, ".sid":

I wish to you a Good listening, and maybe a deeply remembering...
Press Play on Tape!

Lord Hol Napult