Harmonica for my Games ;)

Hi, in these days I've decided , bought , and started to play the Harmonica. It' s a diatonic Blues Harp (Hohner) Harmonica in key G (SOL).
I don't know why, but in my game (No One Shoots Forever) , all the music has been recycled from midi compilations and this was a little sad to me.

I suppose that al midis are freeware because they are so boring and so unuseful at the day we are... but after doing coding and graphic , music was out of my range. So, today, my subconsciuous brain-subroutines decided for me : my istrument is the harmonica!

I've in mind a country game not so different from Nosf, and i think that it requires some good songs, maybe in wav format, otherwise again in midis. Harmonica seems to be perfect for me: it's cheap (as the autosolved budget of my game), it's country, and it's funny to play even for a noob as me. This was what I've thought about 3 weeks ago.

Ok ,now look at the skeme below:
These are the Diatonic Harmonica notes in key G (SOL in Italy), and all the tablatures I've got are in key C (DO in Italy). I think it's a bit difficult to translate the keys from an Harmonica to another, but this is what I've done to play something.
There are many keys for Harmonicas, and C is for beginners... So, why I don't complicate my life more than it already is ;) ??? Ok, next time, probably a playing test done by me.

See you Nosf Country. Ciao!

Lord Hol Napult


Ultima X - Sfigavatar's Crypt - announced!!!

I've lost another Contest - The TGM Contest 2007 - :)
Ok, I do not think to be the best, but the scoop I've reached was the "Ultima X - The Sfigavatar's Crypt" !!

It's a real scoop that should allow me to win somehting, but , damn, I 'm not so lucky.

Here the Screenshot I've found hacking the Richard Garriot websites! A new game about the famous series of Ultima that ended with the Ultima IX Ascension title.

A very famous and legendary saga that pasted millions of people in front of a screen! And the new version is coming out very soon! At least in a year or less.

Keep tuned because it's also a Multiplayer game that allow a single player trama in cooperative mode and , MOREOVER, a massive playing over all Sosaria.

Here the Screenshot! and Keep tuned. It would become a Masterpiece of the RPG section!

Ultima X - Sfigavatar's Crypt - Find the Hero inside of YOU, and FIGHT it!

Lord Hol Napult


No One Shoots Forever - OPENGL conversion

In these days I've decided to start some OpenGL coding.
The better way I've found is to convert my best game into something that no one can (shoot) forget!

The Pilgrimage has begun and it would take at least some months. I'm not confidential with OpenGL and I think they are great, but very complicated.

Here in Italy, it's difficult to find a manual about that, but fortunately I like English and CHM tutorials.
Using some sharing file program it's easy to get all the manuals and technical information required to move something. The problems came later... when advanced programming occurs.

The conversion I'm trying to do merge the Allegro (www.allegro.cc) code of NosF with the OpenGL code, wrapping this via AllegroGL (http://allegrogl.sourceforge.net) functions and set up.
It's easy , for a beginner , to get lost! The difference between me and a beginner is that I'm a beginner with the head hard as a rock :) .

I'm still trying to understand how to manage the various "buffers" on which the OpenGL writes.
Moreover, some particular test I've put inside NosF must be adapted, describing some info more or doing more controls. Pure CAOS for now, but I can reach my purpose studying some tutorials.

Ah, the best place I've found to try pure Opengl tutorial is NeHe (http://nehe.gamedev.net) .
This portals sucks a lot! I like it!
Of course, it's not so easy to port a pure Opengl program into an AllegroGL code, due to some not-so-clear-to-understand functions that wraps the two ambients.

Lately I've lost much time to set up the 3D ambient as it was 2D ; Then I've searched to made functions that create the proportions between the images and the squares that contain them.
Of course the Blending method , i.e. the method to show a texture upon a square, as been configured to eliminate the Alpha channel , with thousand of porting errors...

OK, I'll keep some update more, before the process could be considered completed.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading.
Seeya! A contest should finish in a couple of weeks, and I' expect to win ;P .

Lord Hol Napult