The Most Beautiful Library

There are several graphic and GUI library upon the NET; many of them are well supported by a young and courious community of developers. Boys , sometimes girls (I never found girls, but there will be surely someone) , passes their evenings and nights to code, try, destroy , draw, push buttons , and chat to understand mechanics and methods to create videogames, applications, toolz, editors, and many other stuff the world require to goes on.

There are many good libraries that allow so many tasks that I cannot list them all down here, but you can make a good exploration looking down here :

Free Game Development Libraries

I've notice this site keeping some attention to the related forums I follow.
Between all of them, I tried Allegro, because it's the first library I've met in my life, chatting and speaking with other people. In my opinion , if you want to begin , you should use that Library because it's simple, easy to use, well documented, and has raised a never programming man like me to the level of game designer (of course I work alone in my bedroom, but I can say to have create a full game with graphic, sound and all the stuff a game requires...) !!!

Now Allegro is evolving to the 3d realms of OpenGL, with two satellites add-on, AllegroGL and Open Layer.
This mean a new era in the "home game development" and I really hope someone would join the challenge with himself, programming a game. I'm also sure that Allegro is more than a simple library, It's a door to the Future!!!

That's all for tonigh.
See Yaaa!!


We change the Look !

Today I've done some little changes to my Blog. First , I've turned my old black Blog into a more acceptable paper style Blog. Please, post any comment about.

In second way, I've put the blog into my site! That means that I don't open another window when, from my site, you click upon the BLOG Button. It's nice to watch it inside my realm... is it ?

At Last I've put two links upon the Blogger Nosf Page that point again to my site. It' s all a problem of Targets, but I think to have now enough experience about.

The new year has begun, and Nosf is Waiting that I finish another project. Then I'll be happy to return to my preferred programming, the videogames!!

Good day to all the girls I know, tomorrow will be your day... ;P



Have a nice 2006 !!!

I hope this year all the wars will turn to the end.
I hope this year all the wrong shall fall.
I hope this year NOSF would grow.

and I will have my nice year !

Have a nice 2006 to everyone.