Farewell, Goodbye, Aloha Bill Gates!!!

A particular goodbye to one of the best informatic persons over the Earth and a thanks for the work done in Microsoft!

The movie is very Funny !!!

Lord Hol Napult


RSS FEED - Here's how I update myself about my favorite sites!

What 'an RSS feed (o Atom Feed) ?
Simple, It’s the faster and more efficient way to reach the News and always keep ourselves updated.

Internet, among other things, is a huge information portal.

His power is now valued by RSS feed, which are pages of text in code built by the site operator, but with the particularity of being PORTABLES and rather AGILE to download.
The format of these pages is called XML, an international standard for portability of data.
This means that any FeedReader RSS (Software for managing the feeds) can download the XML file chosen, and manage them at the best, showing in a list of folders (eg: Blog, magazines, download) the names of sites that in turn contain the Arguments, which in turn contain text and images…To put this, it seems complex, but the result is that you can reach, for example, all the day's news of the major newspapers that you have choosen, with an easy opportunity to scroll and read what we you think it’s interesting. Just an update of your Feeds after launching the application and you're done.

For Example, Online Newspapers feeds report the day's news.
About Blogs, they report the listing "Post", and so on.
The symbol that identifies RSS feeds on a site is on of the following, but sometimes it’s not so easy to find :

The softwares that manage feeds also allow you to easily highlight the news from those already READED by those which are NEW, returning a navigation much more streamlined.
Unlike , It should be very different scrolling site by site, loading advertising, banners, pop-up ads and dodging false news (now the bad way is this…) to find out if there is something that interests us.

In any case if the news reported by the feed is incomplete or not enough complete, it should be generally require just a double click to open the address of the site and read the news from the official source…

At Last, I give a series of FREEWARE software very useful to manage Feeds! Some are integrated with your web browser (they are called PLUG-IN and go upon Firefox or Internet Explorer) but, as counsel, it is better to install a dedicated software about Feed Reading because the performance management is the best…

So, what are you waiting for?! Install an RSS Feed Reader and link your first feed, the one of this BLOG!
Just copy and paste the link below in the list of your Feeds, perhaps in a "FeedFolder" such as "Favorites BLOGs" :) :
LHN's Blog English version:
LHN's Blog English version:

Freeware Feed Reader RSS:

  1. GreatNews Windows (USB - no Install!!)
  2. Snarfer Windows
  3. Sage plug-ins FireFox/ThunderBird
  4. Urss plug-ins Mozilla
  5. Straw Linux
  6. Netnewswire Lite Mac OS X
Lord Hol Napult