Protection Under Siege !!!

We are millions in the world. The computer learning experience and the numbers of people that use the terminal has now became impressive, if I think to my old Commodore 's 64 age...
As programmer, that's what I suppose to be, the time spent to create my programs reduce itself as I learn more, like people do when they start to use computer, but the point is that I must run double fast if I want to create something that, one day, someone will use.

Coding something, about me, It's always a long time task. NOSF started in 2003 and finished in 2005. My next program, that I'm finishing in these days, took from me about 7 months.
I would like to start selling online now, creating the site, the Installer for a simple user interface, and something more. The problem is now secureness.

I must spent strenght and nights to secure my little product form hacker, crackers, loackers and wafers too. I should be a funny hackers if I would, but I don't want to be. For me it's important that I'll receive the right feedback and the right retribution too.

It's obvious that I have no company that support my programming evenings, so , if I should be an Hacker with some sort of honor, I should leave the programs that are not well supported uncracked, because they are made from people that are trying to arise.
It's like to shoot upon little birds that doesn't fly yet. This little bird would never fly again later I suppose (that means less programs to hack too ... hehe ).
Anyway I will spend some time to create something that lock the program for unregistered users . But I think it's like to create a butter wall for silver knives.

But you, Hackers, do you have some sort of Honor or everyone is the same. !?

Next Time Guyx, next time.

OPS: Open Layer 2.0 has been released, but I must wait a stable version. Some late bug fix are to be corrected (it's in release candidate version... ;P ) .


The Informatic Purpose

What do You think about informatic ? Who, in your opinion, is a coder ?
In my opinion informatic is the science to manipulate tomorrow what you understand now, but 100 time faster! That's only my opinion but think about videogames ? Don't you notice that they grow in complexity and detail or they are simply more complex than Pac-man and '89 company?

It's not only a businness affair or a big manpower creation, inside , there is the grow of previous code kept in mind from the authors of a program. When many coders create some particular graphical effect programmatically, someone from the Hardware side notice that and start to support this piece of code inside the electician logic of an hardware component.

For example : years ago many games tried to create the water effect programmatically, merging translucent texture blue tinted with an animated water texture.... Today there are traslucent effect and shaders, to give this particular effect. But , at the beginning there was many code lines, now only a few directives to the GL / DirectX drivers.

In this year many videogames are trying to put a real phisic inside the code, speaking with Havoc engine or similar . Tomorrow I think someone will get some dedicated Hardware only for that. It's a continuous rabbit game ... if you understand what I'm saying.

If you think that the mirror effect (lev. 1 and lev.2 ) inside my No One Shoots Forever game is obtained with a few code lines... you are wrong, I'm enough mad to have programmatically created it !? And I'm a fool if you think that the technology has already been created;
heheheheh... I hope.Ciao.



Open Layer Incoming

The new year has begun and the news that comes with it are many, and much interesting....
In fact the entire Allegro Community, the cave of coders where I started to create my game, is waiting a big release: Open Layer 2.0
Open Layer is only a sort of OpenGL wrapper that combined with Allegro Library give to the programmer the power to obtain accelerated 3d/2d graphic without reinventing the code of his game.

I suppose that , if OL2.0 should be released, I will turs as many other to upgrade my NOSF into the realm of GL. In my bag I already have an entire episode ready to be created, adding some level to my game.But, In that case, I think I will require some money to give the full version.

And you, shall you pay some Gold for a funny shareware game or you only prefer big and most involving videogames ?

When the release will appear, we will discuss again ;P
See yyyhaaa !!!