First Step in OpenGL

Hi everyone,
today we will speak about OpenGL . I've started in these days the new chapter of a programmer life, the 3D computing. After the great No One Shoots Forever Game reach its first birthday, and beyond my side project lasted till now, I've decided to point my view to OpenGL.

OpenGL is a Library that allow the Programmers to recreate and compute a 3d volumetric space defining the Objects by vertex, applying textures upon them and rendering the ambient with the program execution. The power of this library is that it's an interface between the programmers mind and the GPU (Graphics Process Unit), that commonly corresponds to your video card.

My objective (remember to always have an objective in life) is to learn OpenGL , mix it with AllegroGL, and create fantastic Allegro games OpenGL powered !!
The problem is that all that I've learn is represented by the screenshot at the top, but it doesn't matter for now... ;P

3D programming , anyway , can also be used to create 2D videogames that are accelerated by the videocard GPU; this represent a huge amount of game speed and framerate, anyway.

My starting place, as many suggest from allegro Forum ( http://www.allegro.cc) has been a newbye OpenGl site : nehe.gamedev.net
In this site there is a complete set of tutorials about OpenGL. That's not everything I need to reach my objective but it's a very good start place . I thanks everyone about that site and his vocation to knowledge distribution!

If I'll reach my purposes, I'll notify to you everything... in the meanwhile, leave to me some comments or OpenGL directives to your preferred sites.

Thank you.
Lord Hol Napult