Dark Path (Oscura Via)

Those who walked the Dark Path,
condemning the rejectful existence,
may they listen the awful screams from their ancestors,
cause they fall to the Lie.

Those who ploughed the Dark Path,
condemned to a rejectful existence,
may they hear chorus and horns of the Successors,
cause the Glory will celebrate them all.

Those that, for Science or Pain, look for the Dark Path,
and during their frisk, no Path they found,
may they tend the ears to Me,
cause my Existence seems without Veins,
such as a ploughed field without stream,
but Blood and Water big Lament do.

Those, at end, that occurs just Now to the Dark Path,
may they choose to turn the ear frontward or backward,
because the First Step of the Free Will,
will be Infamous or Blessed for Eternity.

Lord Hol Napult