bidibibodi... BADOO.COM (dot COM ?!?)

Why .COM ? Wasn't this a sort of spell or something ?
Not now! This time we are speaking about a very interesting site.. there are many about, but this one, in my opinion, is the best: Badoo.com

What about this site ? Simple, this is a place where you can meet and dialog with the others people...
At this point someone would say: But, this is the common chat with 2/3 persons at max!
No, no, no, my gentlemen and ladies... this site show the total number of registered users right inside the Homepage... and they currently are: TWELVE MILLIONS OF USERS!!!

If you are lonesome tonight, and you are looking for someone to know and , why not, goes out for dinner, this is for sure a very good starting place. I'm sincerely just a spectator :) and I enjoy to discover some old friends or neighbours registered in my "area".
Using the very useful research tool you can reach to specify even the town where you are looking for someone...

Just look at the following image and try by yourself... Just click upon SEARCH PERSONS and set the charcteristics of the compatible people , setting the age and the sex... than click upon OTHER PLACES and magically a box will appear showing the earth, then the nations, then the regions of a nations and so on..

What are you waiting for, that someone will register you? Registration is for free and the result of all of this is a funny cocktail! Some good friend of mine could confirm this!

User's Note:Warning! This tools are also afflicted by bad persons use, so it's suggested to well analize the people on which you will go outside.
Note 2: Publish your best photo, because this is a way to be better appreciated. ;P

Lord Hol Napult