Is Cho Seung Hui the real Killer ?

Death is real, and we are the mortals.
The massacre that took place inside the Virginia Tech university is something that leave all the world without breath. A young boy, a normal boy, decides to going postal and kill everything his blindness, about the beauty of life, haven't seen.

The first question of the world, of course, is why ? How could has he reached at this point ?

Mr. Bush comments this as a sad day for the entire country; I cannot undestand this at all.
The first point to clear is: How can a boy reach a Gun so easy ?
The second : Why has him gone so far away from reality in a campus full of good teachers and loyal students ?

It's too easy to simplify the reasons in something that the peoples can accept... Cho gone mad , Cho was the killer...
Every human, every boy, and every boy with some difficultness, needs to be respected and accepted inside an intelligent society. Too much often we forget that we all are inside the same boat, and if someone remains back, we forget him... as I said , this is too easy for everyone unless for the single one in difficulty.

What I must say at last is that the killer isn't only Cho Seung, it's also the micro and macro society inside he has lived... going postal is only the results of a sum of variables such as discrimination, violence, isolation, marginalization , forgetfulness.

And so , the massacre is only the direct result of the US society! If the results is wrong, the function is wrong. If the function is wrong, someone have to correct something... and so, this is not a sad day, this could be the first of a sad series of days!

My condolence goes to the peoples in suffering for the many deads.
I hope my message also reaches the others guilties , as a sign of reproach , to cure the next mad boys that will comes. At this point the answer overwrite the thousands questions: love, humilty, courage, truth.

Lord Hol Napult


Another Italian Contest - TGM

Hi, can I stand some time without doing two or more things togheter ?
Not of Course!

Another italian contest that ask to draw some graphics in order to win a copy of the famous Dark Age of Camelot. I don't know much about this videogame because I refuse myself to pay monthly for a game. Anyway I like the competition and I hope to have a chance upon the other opponents... So I will partecipate at this contest too!

My drawings remain secret for at least a month, the necessary time to leave judges make a decision... but soon I will publish them here!

Take a look to the sky just before you die... emh take a look to the blog montly and you will see them.
For now, salutation from a game programmer and a graphic artist.

Ciao Ciao

Lord Hol Napult