Digital ID

We are Bits!

While I'm writing this lines I'm a registered user. My registration is some kind of identification that somewhere , upon some servers, define me and the data that I correspond.
So I've two identities, one biological and the other ... digital.
My Digital ID is more powerfull than my biological aspect. But in both cases I'm , probably, the same person.

If I go to an Internet Forum, I'm another couple of bits, upon another Server, located somewhere into the world.

When I use a Badge upon my job place, the same badge that allow me to access some restricted doors, I return to be a Bit. If my badge is later, I'm late.

When I pay with my Bancomat, damn, I'm a digital man again. If someone thief my credit card, someone thief me, and my money.

All around Internet and also inside my computer, I'm digital.

Now people make photos, digital photos... and I return to be some kind of logic unit.

This start to be boring... or difficult to understand, or can also be considered a fool series of exclamations.

And again, to force my mind I still consider a bit. When I will die , my bits would remain longer, my drawings, my games, my Digital IDs.
No one can link me to a series of Digital IDs witout hacking some code, do some research a so on. So , what of me will remain upon this pages ?
And what of me would die with me ?

When I've seen "Matrix" and "Matrix Revolution" my mind opened completely to this new Era.
When I've seen "Fight Club" I understood that new era is not well accepted by everyone.
When I've played "Deus Ex", probably I've chosen the wrong final scenes, where the world return to a digital caos between the firsts and the lasts, digital and biological ideologists.

And while we migrate into this kind of digital world (also using videogames and Internet), we forget what we have been, for a while perhaps, or for many years, but now we are forgetting everything at all to become something completely different.

The process has already begun, and we are inside a digital travel.
The Matrix is in You, or is ... you.

Login : Lord Hol Napult
Password : *****************
ID Number: AHH733JS9BK2994MSHJFI472SGG1Q

Access Enabled...