Vaffanculo Day ("Fuck off Day")

Italy - near August - politics government betrayed again the entire population .

We are living a suffocating air in Italy because democracy is still a far and far away objective.
After the first year of the new government the parliament is still full of corrupted and CONDEMNED mafious figures, mainly associated to the "Casa delle Liberta" (Libertiy home) force, but not just them.

We have 25 persons (if I could say so...) that has been condemned in the past for corruption , thievery, bankrupt, and dark manouvers inside the wing of the law.

Wait! This is a videogame blog, so why I'm speaking about that ? For this time I thow an exception because what we are speaking about is the base for everything, videogames included.

This persons still resided inside the Goverment after the outgone Premier Silvio Berlusconi changed the election method ,about a year ago, locking the democratic election of the candidates.
The new law says that the ones who stand inside the Parliament hasn't been choiced from population, but from the various coalitions choosen from population. This is a trap!

The 8 SEPTEMBER 2007, in EVERY CITY OF ITALY, population will walk on the roads to manifest that we didn't want corruption inside the parliament ! So the Three advanced purposes are the following :
1) Fuck off to every politician that has been condemned . 2) Fuck off to every politician that has been inside the parliament considering this a career (2 ore more legislations). 3) Fuck off to the Berlusconi's modification of the politician election. The choice must return to the population.
Of course, FUCK OFF means Out from the Parliament. Out from Goverment. Out from italians balls.

In these years MAFIA expanded to all my beloved country, and like a web it suffocated the INFORMATION (TV and RADIO are corrupted or gagged), institutions (the law simply didn't work, a process in Italy lasts 10 years!!) and so on.

We, youngs, we don't know what we are really doing this time, but we are sure that's a way to do something GREAT. Against the HIGH CLASS and the MAFIOUS ones we will pacifically move the 8/9/2007 !!!

Come with us if you feel something within! Be accused and be ashamed, probably charged by policy for your pacific manifestation, as Jesus was, but , for at least one time in your simple history, be TRUE!
And be sure, THEY REALLY FEAR the TRUTH!

Beppe Grillo is a comic, but like us, he suffered some more offense from the Italian government.
He is capable to make you laughting about everything, even the worst things! We thanks him very much because this manifestaction has been created by him and his community!
Thank you Beppe! Thank you Network! Thank you all! In the towns we will be thousands just for this!!

But for now, subscribe to the LINK above... V-DAY, Changes Incoming >)

Lord Hol Napult