Italy is falling, and coders with Her

Sometimes I feel depressed cause of major forces that lies upon me. Every try I make to arise in something fall into the deep of neglectness.
In my opinion Italy is trying to get out from a bad government and a bad financial situation. That means that if I want to obtain some success, I must run double fast.

The possibilities that other Countries offer to their informatic people are more, and better.
What to do now ? Be silent and think, or, escape and try something else.
We have the only consolation looking at the China Goverment, it's a bad government that suffocate their people for an international success. That's a bad argument to speak about, and I'll leave for another discussion place.... but we must do something , and we must do it now!

I hope in a great future for italian coders, informatic is growing and it's now everywhere. From the calculator to the telephones, from the bank to the cow controls in the small farm!
We have a great occasion to experiment if something is good without spending too much. Informatic can simulate and return a response in less time and costs... and the "know how" can be duplicated more than transmitted... I don't know if you understand me at all.

That's all.
Good Christmas and have another NICE Year !




Ok boys, from today the Blog turns to English

I've understood that there are more people who can speak english than people who can understand Italian, so, my blog is now officially in english (or better, that's my purpose).

Feel free to post your impressions about my game and my comments. I'll be very pleased about.

Today I'm happy to show you another site that Host my game with some review, and it's again from the CZ Country :


I've notice a particular attention of this country for my game, but I don't understand why yet !
Italy has payed low attention about, and I'm not so pleased about that. If someone would translate the review they made for me I will appreciate it very much.

See you next time.


NosF tra le lande della Cecoslovacchia !?!

Girando per i motori di ricerca , a volte mi capita di cercare qualcuno nel mondo che abbia in qualche modo apprezzato la mia piccola opera d'arte informatica. Questa volta non sono rimasto deluso, poiche' ho trovato un simpatico sito cecoslovacco intento a recensire la mia creatura!


Ho provato a contattarli ma probabilmente non mi hanno sentito... la rete comunque e' un grande strumento che riesce a dare anche grandi soddisfazioni e trovare qualcuno che apprezza le opere degli altri e'.... incoraggiante! Se qualcuno sa sia l'italiano che il cecoslovacco mi faccia un fischio per favore.
Per me si tratta di un bellissimo traguardo, considerato che ormai siamo a quota due... come, non sapete del primo grande motivo di soddisfazione !?!

Eccovi pure questo (cercate un po' in basso) :

Trovarsi un pochino famosi , come dicevo, e' si interessante e bello, ma ora ho della nuova benzina per continuare e fare meglio. Certo, i commenti di questo blog sono un po'.... nulli :P !?

Comunque avanti cosi! vai NosF!! (ormai una creatura di vita propria ... )
Alla prox.