The VideoGames Today

Today the merchandise for videogame is something I've never though 10 years ago. We have big companies that manipulate and decide for millions of videogamers. They decide what you will play, what you like, they decide if it's time to simulate 1942 again or if it's time to shoot something else. They decide if you must play in this or that war, or if you need a new accelerated card to play the same old things with new graphic.
RTS are in danger too, it's only a question of scripting and background.
Graphic adventures, a little breath for old gamers. The last breath is represented by the MMORPG, but how much they cost ?!? Daddy, pay me again for a month...

There aren't anymore standalone team of development, they die before to born.
There isn't anymore originality inside the code. Only major numbers, bigger spaces, higher detail, and no one use a good idea because they suffocate all that haven't a good merchandise!!

I've thought that there is a retroaction created from the human mind to regret the nature all around us, and to close our eyes in front of many problems... the only requirements: Play what we Say!

They are deciding what we must do in OUR LIFE and HOW !!! Stand Back for a while and watch the thruth beyond the lines of code... like Neo into the Matrix Movie!!

That's all. I'm tired about all of them.

A Tear for my old suffocated Team, The "Genocide Team" 1995/2002 .
Good Night.


Crisis Within

This week I've lost a piece of me , a piece of my family, a piece of my heart.
I hope her Soul will look down into the blasphemy of this f****d world to take care of us and our destiny.

About my previous post the challenge between Mr. Berlusconi and Mr. Prodi, has been won by Prodi , and the happy notice is that the small winning difference has been made by a previous law that Berlusconi made to get some more elections.... the law about the voting outside Italia.
I hope we will return to normality now... I really hope that.

A last news. I've put a PayPal link into the Download Page of NosF. If someone would give 1 euro for the game I will appreciate it very much.