POLL Results - "What you'd like to find most in a videogame ?"

Poll result:
"What you'd like to find most in a videogame ?"

No-CD Executables : 4
Free Play (ex:GTA4) : 3
Erotism : 3
Heavy Metal : 2
Humor Spots : 1
Easter Egg (secrets) : 1
Minigames : 0
Reality : 0

This Poll was very curious... we conclude that we hate the cd-rom required inside the drive to play a videogame. I don't open the piracy discuss down here but I think that people, also the ones that buy originals, quickly start the non-cd crack research after installing a game. I hope that some Majors hear us....

Free Play and Erotism run on the same frequency: freedom in fact require to be able to do everything in a videogame, not just drive and shoot :)

Secondarily come Heavy Metal and humor Spots... probably the today-games are too much dark and bloody.

The only think that a videogamer hates is the harsh Reality. This should be a knife for the simulatos, because some are so technical that they make you lose the will to play. In fact the videogames are and will remain a way to escape the routine of the days. It must give a dream, a hope, or simply an adventure.

I thanks everyone partecipated to my Polls. A few but Good.
I recommend you, tag the future polls !!!!

Lord Hol Napult


I've Reformatted Again! Now I've ME and XP togheter (they kill one another!) !

Long long time ago there was Windows Me, who didn't want to know to run an entire year;
Its primary task was to corrupt itself. Too much altruist this ME, a true gentleman to say at all. It demanded very little, but it often burned from the world.

Thus I decided to restore my PC, now reduced to continuous swaps, blocked applications, and folder turned into random bits, with the risk to lose many many important files.... if they were , at the end, not so important someone can discover just after the fright.

Just one years ago I failed trying to install Me and XP on the same hard disk, but it was a challenge that didn't convinced to me... I was wrong about something. I swore to myself that I tryied every possibility, but my error was systemic: bad confidence with formatting parameters.

This year 2008 the challenge repeated itself, but , probably, I was more fierced.
I've used an Open Source partition program well done that I suggest to you:
Gnome Partition

With this Open Source utility (freeware) you can fragmenting an hard disk in many parts, so you will obtain many drive letters as result (ex. C: D: E: F:...)

For example Windows ME can read just FAT32 formatting method, but it cannot view more than 130 Gb.
If you partition the hard disk of 150 Gb you can reach all the area in storage without unuseful loss.

I've decided like follow:
  • 20 Gb FAT32 (for Windows Me)
  • 50 Gb FAT32 (for Windows XP)
  • Resto FAT32 (for shared data, such as Mp3, Movies or other).
But, what I need more to be able to use an Hard Disk as an Operative System from starting ?
It's here that I've got wrong on year ago... Every formatting unit have some Flags that complete the unit for the usage.
Gnome Partition divided correctly the hard drive, but forgot to say to me that I should have to set the following flag to put my units on working:
  • Bootable (At least for the unit C:)
  • LBA (for every partition - I manage addressing to more than 500 Mb )
I must admit that at the end the results return many rewards... Windows XP is perfect for network operations and internet, while upon ME I've practically a bag full of programs that I don't want to lose.

In confidence, we are just speaking about a Pentium3 800Mhz with 500Mb di RAM...
but everything works fine and when this happen a machine awake again.

But now... it's time to look for a new computer. It's coming "Mass Effect" ;)

Hail to the Smanettons!

Lord Hol Napult