The Mind is Lost

The best way to create a videogame , is to live it inside your head.

The bad way to create a videogame, is to follow your publisher directions and times.

I've no publisher, no "quality" controls, no businnes at all . I've lived my videogame as I lived every line of code I've written in my past. Every time I encounter a new problem, my head turns into a mechanical powerfull machine that will explode if the problem cannot be eliminated from the source.
The source is the Key.
The key is in You.

I think that heavy programming sessions turns your head into a ambiguous state of mind, and it's very difficult to return back when the line has been trepassed. After the A.I coding , you walk all around this world looking for people as they could be represented inside your engine.
And if you code a data structure, you look at every book or object in your bedroom as It could be organized in advanced language... with magical words. Then you do the same looking at the houses of your neighbors. Then you do the same to everything you look at.

This particular state of mind results in your eyes as they were always departed from reality. People became logic units, and you become a bit idiot in their eyes... but they cannot undestand you at all, of course.
The next step is to manipulate the reality, your reality, you feel like if you were a precompiled logic unit inside the program of another , you feel inside the Matrix (tm).

That's your main persistent question, that's the nail in your head! Damn, how it's REAL!

-The Mind is Lost-