Winter (Inverno)

Silente e vegliardo scruto la notte d'inverno,
Silent and vigilant I watch the winter night,
e nel luccichio delle stelle, e nel pallore della luna,
and in the bright of the stars, in the whiteness of the moon,
scopro che essa mi conosce
I discover that she knows to me
molto meglio di quanto non mi conosca io.
much better than I know myself.

Lord Hol Napult


VCast.it - Videorecording Easy

Hi guys,
today we speak about a very funny way to use the WEB: Videoregistration Online!
You know, the net offers a various range of services that reach sometimes high quality.

It's what concern VCast.it, easy-to-use homepage but very very powerful, because it allows you to watch (and download to your PC or Ipod) many films so you can take a look at them when you have the time.
The site offers the RSS inscriptions , i.e. the internet standard to keep update without having to visit every site, and thanks to that mechanism you will know when a new video is ready for your download (of course only about the choosen Rss inscriptions) .

But this is only the beginning.

In fact , VCast.it is capable to turn your account into a Digital Videorecorder :in simple words you can register the transmission of the Italian locals networks (such as RAI 1,2,3, La7) and then download the generate file upon your computer!!!
Do you think this isn't enough .... to me it is! From my computer the movie obtained in ".avi" format can be easyly archieved upon a CD and watched from a .... oh well, you already know how a videorecorder works.

So!? What are you waiting for? Run to register yourself... it's FREE!

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3). MEGA CODEC PACK - To view any videos in any format(download full version..) .
4). Video Player - (This is only suggested, you can of course use another..) - BSPlayer

Lord Hol Napult

Ps: recently MEDIASET requested to be excluded from the channel list :( , but you know:
Mediaset = Berlusconi = noMoney/noParty