No One Shoots Forever - Trailer !!!

This is small trailer to show the funny " No One Shoots Forever " , a PC videogame . The Game is FREEWARE and fully Downloadable.

Get your Gun and start to shoot to every South Park Boys (blood filter included for children ).

This Game has been drawed and coded by Lord Hol Napult during 2004 / 2005 - all rights reserved -

By Darkness , Code shall Be !!!


What do you play in summertime ?

The summer, the holidays, finally they are coming for everyone !

I go to the sea, as many of you, and everytime I break my last working year I understand new things, I think to my next projects, I extract my last conclusions, and... I Relax (or this should be suppose to happens..).

I think About what !?! About everything of course. Not only videogames or computer, I really like to think to everything, the war, the politics, the sea, the birds, everything.

It's very important for a mind to change point of view, detach the connections, think differently, and whatever you want. I have, of course, some new projects for No One Shoots Forever Too. I don't speak about a second version but... :)

And you, tell me what do you do in your holidays !

by Lord Hol Napult.