Fuck Off Day 2 - 25 April 2008 (Vaffanculo Day 2)

Here we are again, as time before in a not so far 8 September 2007, to send our governing board to the appropriate place.
Governing board.
Isolating these words increase the disgustive feelings inside. If it wasn't for the sacrifice (and the money) of so many italians the governing board shouldn't be able to administrate even a Roost; where to put the fodder, when clear the crap... or sell it to the near farmer that could use it as plant food....

Not even a Roost they should be able to manage, and this is UNCONFORTABLE.

I wasn't agree to write this post, this is my Blog and I want to speak about videogames and technology down here.
The pressure about economical condition, social , ambiental, cultural, territorial and everything finishing in "AL" that make sense , well, this bad conditions, disgregate itself thanks to our Governing board.

There are 3 powers inside a democracy, and a fourth more ; I list them to you:
Legislative Power: create laws that move the Country
Jiudiciary Power: judging the citizens with the established laws in a Country
Executive Power: the Police, that make to respect the laws of the Country
and, what about the Fourth?
Informative Power:
TV, Radio, are tools for Mass Information.

What about the situation in Italy?
The Legislative Power put its hands upon the Jiudiciary Power ( law to suspend magistrates, when uncomfortables), put its hands also upon the Executive Power ( indulge law 2007 = insufficient police and high crime), and , could be miss, put its hands also upon the Informative Power.

If , today, Berlusconi has been elected again is because people live without true information (and he holds 6 on 7 televisions and many magazines).

I recall to you the sentence of the MEROVINGIO inside The Matrix: Cause and Effect.
Nothing can be decided, because decisions has been already got from who that hold the Power, and all the rest is a chain effect, an obvious consequence, a flood, a progressive and UNAVOIDABLE reaction .

Whith the V2-Day we, poor martyrs of the net, we who have choosen the RED PILL to know the TRUTH, we who tire ourself beyond our jobs time, well, we start from the hole of the situation: INFORMATION!

I think that if a programmer, a whitewasher, a butcher or a gate-keeper must worry in the evening about POLITIC is because those who should worry about POLITIC don't do it, and so there must be someone else to think about.

I'm Tired.

So , let we see Friday 25 April 2008, in every Italian town, but this time, behind the finger, they will find us!

Lord Hol Napult


GRID - Distributed Computing against the AIDS, the Cancer and other sickness

There are sickness that the human race hasn't well understood yet and for that thousands people, every year, die relentlessly.
There are politics interests, economic interests and sometimes social interests that block the researches intent to take their jobs over there, where it's necessary.

Then, there is the informatics, that is the power to make today in 1 second what I've done yesterday in 10 years.

The distributed calculation is base essentially upon this paradigm where some specific needings can be directed upon computers to reach a great results. Times ago there was big complex computers , where the big computation jobs where solved, but today, ladies and gentlemen, there is a small softwarine of about 10 Mb!

It's name is GRID, or BOINC, and it's capable to distribute computation, that should employ thousands of "clock years" to be executed, to many machines displaced all around the world.

Thanks to that, the World Community Grid Project , try to utilize all this possibilities to allow the American Universities (and more..) to formulate hypothesis about the evolution of a Cancer Cell or a virus like AIDS(HIV) if submitted to some treatments.

In easy words the reseraches studies configure the GRID, and the rest of the "world" execute all the computing operations to return an aproximately fast result....
Here it is a statistic of the actual numer of registered users "engaged" in the fight for survival:

But there are some Technical matters that must be cleared:
Before everything, GRID runs upon every known system (from Win 98 to Vista to Linux), but the main characteristic is that it doesn't slow down in any way your computer.
In fact it downloads from the net small chunks of calculation to compute, and during te "IDLE" clocks of the system, it solves them.

But, what's an IDLE Clocks?
Essentially they are moments during the time that the processors doesn't anything; because there isn't inside a machine the function "don't do anything", the processor execute void operations waiting to return operative.
If , for example, I execute 4 or 5 programs but this programs don't continuosly elaborate operations, the processor execute also many IDLE operations; think about when you use a Word processor and you wait some time to think what you have to write... inside this seconds your computer process automatically fake operations, but...
...thanks to GRID this operations can be used for the followings tasks:

  1. Cancer Research
  2. AIDS Research
  3. World Overheating
  4. other..

Registration waste only 4 minuts, installation included. Once you have registered you can decide what's your preferred research for your Idle clocks (but also all togheter...).
You will gain points and partecipate to a classification of the bests.

What to say , if you have a PC, internet, and many Idle clocks, why don't you help the future children and anyone of us ?

I wait for you...

Software Link: - World Community GRID -

Lord Hol Napult