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Have a Nice 2008
and Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Lord Hol Napult


A BitTorrent Story

Some times ago I decided to throw myself inside the big P2P (Peer-to-Peer) sea that represents one of the many ways to download from the big net the programs, movies, music and videogames.
I've choosen , for curiosity of fame, BitTorrent.
The place from witch I've downloaded the software was obviously the homepage: http://www.bittorrent.com/

During installation you obtain 2 programs upon your computer, the P2P Client called bittorrent.exe, and another called dna.exe; the firs question I asked to myself was: why should I obtain 2 software if I require just one ?

Inside the homepage DNA offers more efficency, more streaming performances, blablablabla-I-m-not-interested!
So I quickly removed DNA from the Windows start register (this was not an options! Use, for example, CCleaner and search the DNA.exe Runkey between "StartWindowsRun/Registry", inside the tools...) and destroyed the installation forlder. :)

Let's return to BitTorrent.

I was remembering to have found , around the net, the famous "torrents", that are files apparently unuseful, but that became foundamental when you have installed the software in object. Those files said: download the movies, download the game, download download but there wasn't a notice that let me know that I was downloading a torrent, not the movie itself.

Bittorrent uses this files as follow:
  1. Look for a site that hosts the torrents (look at the small list at the bottom)
  2. Run Bittorrent.exe
  3. DoubleClick upon the downloaded Torrent
  4. Bittorrent assume the files and, if there are some peer, starts the download.
  5. The logic behind the condivision process is the following (peer connect also one another):

And so I started my download.
I haven't a poweful PC.. it's definitely old, and pherhaps this influenced the Drama that happened: after half hour of download my computer crashed, so I had to reset. At the boot I saw some bad lines appearing on the monitor.
My computer didn't started regularly. Nothing happened upon the main screen.

attack ? Backdoors ? Or a system crash of high and formal priority? Pherhaps mu firewall went to do shopping ?

I don't know, I only know that I reinstalled the Windows upon the Crashed Windows, and everything, for my biiiiig lucky, returned to works.
Anyway many programs had to be reinstalled again, because the DLL's was corrupted/damaged/lost.

"Faith Mysteries" ? Maybe.
A week after all of this I decided to run again BitTorrent (ok, I know, I'm an Unconscious one), but now everything works perfectly. The Test of the Fire has been passed!

When the next one... ?
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Here some good site for Elemental Aphrodisiac Torrenting :

Lord Hol Napult


The Fall of the Italian Magazines

"Ciao, buy this, that, and the other... You need just a click above!!"

There was a time, many years ago, where the italian videogame magazines was very amusing, home-bred, true! I remember that time with a sort of homesickness, and , maybe, with some remorse.

Today everything changed.

Advertising exists from the beginning, this is not a news. Unfortunately there wasn't the high-speed internet connections in that time, and it's there the main rule of a magazine, foundamental for the society.
This could be applied also to different areas from the videogames one, but the main sadness I feel is caused by the way that magazines followed : Marketing.

A respectable informatic magazine have 3 essential things:
- The paper magazine
- A CD/DVD full of prorams , games and demo .
- An advanced Homepage.

  1. Times ago, till 2000 a.d. , the paper version of the magazine was bought relatively for the reviews, interviews, and depending on the number and the quality of the interesting contents...
  2. Times ago, the CDs were full of trakers for digital music passionates, thousands of images, some videos, many demos and , the more advances magazines, some direct interviews of the developers. Thes special areas were cured inside HTML pages, very pleasant to read...
  3. Times ago, an homepage where the internet surfers found the possibility to regroup themselves (i.e. Forum, amatorial mods links, chat) and of course there were a lot of interesting functions that the paper versione cannot assolve.

But now, how the world changed now in 2007 ?

  1. The Paper version isn't readed such as before: there is Internet. A review today, is bought only if the ENCLOSED VIDEOGAME is good, otherwise there is no hope for a paper magazine. This forced a progressive destruction of the magazine areas, and a general razionalization of the pages. Anyway the paper content is secondary to the GAME of the review... and the price defend this theory (about 7 euro for every magazine).
  2. CD have now an ".exe" interface that introduce you to the content. I've never appreciated the abort of interfaces that the magazines gives : they are really bad coded (probably because they change every 2 months and they generally are in flash format). The contents are DEMO, trailers, some utilities, and see ya! The game, instead, is very accurated in the presentation and you can also recreate the shop box of the game rotating the 2-side printed paper... but if you don't like the game, there isn't a cheap version with magazine plus demo.
  3. The Magazines Homepages are apparently very good... but: advertising everywhere. You read 2 lines and you load 3. If you open a news you are interrupted by advertising middle pages. If you think to clik a line and Tac!, a pop-up cames from behind and get the click, so you lose your 2-minutes-to-load page of the magazine for a uninteresting page... and so on. It's like to be inside a mined field.

To conclude , the world change but it's not sure that this is a good representation of the progress.
There could be also a REGRESSION !!

now I don't buy any magazines, but enclosed videogames.

Ah, if you need and italian link that montly suggest the magazine and the relative game, take a look down here:
At least this link is useful... and ironic to me.

Lord Hol Napult