The Shit Alibi

In these days I often hear speaking about crap, and every time it's used in a negative way.
"You are a Shit One!", "Piece of Crap!", "Crappy One!", "We are up Shit creek!", "U undestand less than a Crap!"... and so on.
The vulgars are capable to associate the most coloured and twisted associations using this word:"Crap!".
It seems that this faecal substance, colourful brown and with horrific smell, was an emblem of what is most negative we have, and surely, surround us.

Anyway, I've put myself the following question: Is shit so negative for sure ?

Well, if I think the usefulness that higly placed man does, it's truly negative. He sits on the Shit-throne and began to push, trying to restrict the practice to a short period, because it's not so appropriate to his class. If he find inside public toilets, he moderates also the emitted noises with skilled movements of the chest, reproaching himself at the first mistake.

Sportsmen instead obtain a good regularity and boast themselves about the fact that they cannot carry too much, because they have a carved and dry physic...

Even the baby rejects this harmful substance infecting various white collectors that parents insist to substitute, perhaps to put baby to the test: can you make dirty also this one?

But I return to my question. Is Shit so negative ?
When the answer is too difficult Wiki is ready!

Even without the extreme wisdom advantage on the subject is right to consider one thing: we are a small ring in the life cycle. If we wouldn't defecate, we could not be part of this cycle.
Simple, because our output, the shit, becomes input for something else.
For example, if I dig a pit, then I shit inside and I let fall 2 sunflower seeds, and I well cover everything with good land, occasionally watering, I'll obtain that from viscid excrement born a flower, colorful, beautiful, radiant.

Try the same thing using a Suv!
You can obtain at Max a sanction for landfill diversion.
The shit is so useful that if it would be used to produce electricity we would live a world filled with oxygen and smelling of violets. Somebody has decided that coal and toxic waste and non ecologic ashes gave less in the eye.

But still, if I take a nice kilo of shit still hot, and I stretch it with hay and yeast, making it dry under the sun, I get the famous "pan of dung", which represents a valuable food in poor countries.
Try the same thing with yogurt. Of course, that's good, but the plastic container and protection in aluminium where do they finish? Of course, in the dustbin, that goes into an Incinerator furnace.
And then, after you burned them, what do they produce? Of course Carcinogenic toxins and ash. In practice, we eat for a second time that container, breathing by the nose and dying of cancer.

The shit is life! Think about information it holds. A piece of shit identifies everything about a person, even uses, customs and habits ... scientific analysis in this sense can guarantee.

Finally, the shit gains value by time passing, with exponential curve! It is called coprolite!
To understand that, if the resin of trees becomes in the centuries an amber, the shit become fossil Coprolite. I would not surprise myself if one day I would see a gold ring with coprolite carved in the center, sold for thousands euros.

I, in short, I propose that the shit must be revalued.
At least, in comparison with the powder and its derivatives.Are this last useful for what ?
I just hope that whoever reads this lines wouldn't be a "face powder!"

I conclude with a parable that will homage for sure Sergio Leone:
There was a little bird that wasn't able to fly. During the winter, it fell from the nest and finished on the ground. It was very cold and so It begins to whirr: CIIIIP! CIIIIP!
At that time, a cow went by the way, and noticing it so cold and suffering, raised his tail and "Plaf!", a beautiful intestinal daisy, hot and smoking, fell on the little bird. Now the little bird was happy and warm. It was very happy so It begins to whirr again: CIIIIP! CIIIIP!
Suddenly, a fox heard it and approached। She saw the little bird inside the shit and she extracted it, cleaned it very well then .... GNAM! She ates it in one bite.

Morale ? Not all those who bring you in the shit are evils। Not all those that pull you out from the shit are goods. But, above all, if you're in the shit, shut up!

Lord Hol Napult

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