Poll : "Have you ever Bought a Shareware Game ?"

At the poll: "Have you ever Bought a Shareware Game ?" you answered as follow:
  • Yes , Often : 0
  • Yes, barely : 1
  • Not : 4
  • I hate Shareware: 0
  • What? Shareware!? : 0
Well, we cannot say that the result is incredible for this "hidden" market... fortunately no one hates Shareware or worst, doesn't know what they are.

Anyway, Shareware is, in my opinion, the best market for indipendent developers.
It's a microcosm where it's not important how much graphics there is or how much billions has been spent in advertising... in Shareware it's important the immediacy and the PATHOS.

Now take thsi Shareware game, and tell to me if it doesn't deserve as well as many other titles advertised: AQUARIA

I also put a good video, just to not waste your time for nothing:

Aloha to everyone, and take a look to the next Poll!

Lord Hol Napult

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