The Man 'Debugs' the World

Let's open our informatics minds:

- The human race and is just one of the many races that populates the Earth.
- The aliens exist, and they know about our existence.
- God and the Genesis are written in about every ancient sacred Tomes.
- "Nothing can be Created and Nothing can be Destroyed, but everything changes" [Antoine Lavoisier]

The man, inhabitant of the Earth, has many receptors that constitute his inputs; he has eyes to see, the nose to smell, the ears and the mouth.
The man sees, eats, hears, processes the inputs, and return them to the world, or he responds accordingly to the demand. Similarly are animals, each one covering a certain habitats, each one processing some inputs, some in the jungle, some in the desert, some more in the sky or in the water. Even worms and other inhabitants of the underground processes a particular input and return an output.
The living beings, at the end, die, change and restart the cycle of life.
Biodegrading themselves, they return to be another input for other beings. For example, the lion eats gazelles it just killed. If it doesn't eat them, the land will take again the rests restarting the cycle of life with different phenomenon's.
It is clear that there is a regenerating process on the surface of the Earth, and perhaps even in the depths where the man isn't yet arrived, but it appears that at each imbalance wilderness, there is an equal and opposite reaction of the living beings, providing Control of the Planet.

But what all of this means?

The living terrestrial is an instrument, invented by superior minds, programmed by superior minds, tried by the "Time-Life," and with a purpose.
To every being the Overall (or superior) purpose can be prevented, or results too complex, and then, let's try to open our minds and remove the trivial reasons that bind man… suppose we are "just an instrument of Control".
We, living beings, are retaining something. We're protecting something that can be enclosed at the center of the Earth, in the nucleus, or we are probably preserving the Earth for the arrival of someone, as we were guardians.
God might be an abstract concept of an Alien race, existing even on the physical level, but not necessarily. Those who govern the "Time-Life" did not require to roam the physical plans, I suppose.
The unknown factor that remains to be discovered and 'What are we protecting inside the Earth? Maybe the Earth itself?
What keeps a Tool like the sum of all the races? And for Who?

[CONCLUSION (without solution)]
Man cannot yet understand the Absolute meanings of his existence, but he can grasp many facets that must remember him to take care about the environment, the life, and the cycle of continuity where he is, because these are his only certainty to have done everything for what he has been created.
The man must understand that he's completely on the wrong road…

Lord Hol Napult

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