Reality perception of a Videogamer

We live in a virtual world.
Reality doesn't exist, it's a trick obtained by chemical processes and electrical impulses.

Everything, every object, every person have the right connections that force our mind to believe to all that happens under our eyes, or created by our hands, but all of this doesn't exist. Reality is the new videgame of the moment.

We could be sitting or layed or in amorphis state into a parallel world while we "live" our reality, but plugged connections deceive us where we are, who we are and what we are doing. In brief, Matrix™ isn't a movie... it's a documentaire with a love story inside.

Perhaps this is the most fluid, immersive, and playable game ever created for us and for our "hardware", the human body, and suggested to our minds who knows how.
Surely a NPG (non playable gamer) didn't know of what he's done until some code answer this question:

Lawyers, road sweepers, politicians, managers and farmers, everyone connected, everyone in debugging mode upon their application area.
And who's playing with us, who's manouvering us, who is handling or simply commanding ?

Problaby God, with a pure light mouse that drawn the world, populated it and now is playing a Spore/GTA/Command&Conquer with us; or better, using us.

And wha about us when we joke of the funny creatures of Spore, without undestanding the irony below!

God himself created the man "as him was", and so many coders did, putting inside their videogames some elements that surrounded them... so when will we see a NPG that create his own videogame using the elements that surround him ?

The road, if you think, is this, a massive clonation that push itself where the madness can lie.
And what about this madness, let's define madness:"Short-circuit that join different elements and solve the value inside the internal code of a simple human, randomly taken from the application-world in execution".

And what about the Origins? The Reincarnation ? Probably we never disconnected from this irreal application. Simply the MainFrame gives us a new ID and we restart as new.

At the beginning we were monkeys, then barbarians, then vikings and now we are just evolved beings that interrogate themselves about what they are, and why some cicles infinitly repeat themselves during time pass.

Why war repeat themselves ? Why errors do the same ? The so-called systemic anomaly that flood around and break the common rules of the main subroutines. So there is no upgrades for us ?

My madness ends here, upon this blog. I don't know if this is sickness, ipervision or simply an introspective sistemic analysis. I leave to your applications but I renew to you the meaning of life.

Above us , it wins who uses less IDs in 1000 years of gameplay. Up for grabs of this Unreal Tournament of the Gods, there is a Fotonic MegaBlounter with electrostatic-impulses to irradiate infinite energy inside the instanced universes .

System Halted.

Lord Hol Napult

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