Caos, Order and War

Have you ever wondered what triggers wars?
There are two aspects in humans, one that tends to be precise, formal, correct: the Order.
Another, drawing from the indiscriminate freedom to decide anything about his life, without any sort of limits, without any poles that limits his patience: this is Chaos.
Every civilization shows that both components should be considered, and promptly also shows that both components can not coexist mingling too.
Every form of civilization, whether it has succeeded or has failed, tried somehow to find a formula for coherence between chaos and order.

Seeing some politicians, I notice how the order is a prerogative: to pay taxes, to encode roads, homes, times, city to organize, resources to rationalize.
Then there are also the "chaotic" activities in the ordered city: gambling, formula 1, hunting in the woods, and all those kinds of activities aimed to vent the "I" after the observation of infinite rules of order.
Some politicians, fanciful, may also decide to enforce the order for the "others", but failing to not recognize their duties. Then they search for deterrence, sweet pills, just to sweeten the great truth: that the human being is something far from a balanced creature. We thus see that writing a "ad personam" law becomes a way to place in order my the chaos, indeed, its own chaos.

But when the white and black blend to some degree, don't remain distinct as the Yin and the Yang, the universal symbol of balance, but give birth to a gray, dusty and poisonous, typical of cities like Hong Kong or Milan ... Cities have the color of the compromise from which they are governed.
I Believe that demand order where chaos has slowly but surely gained the upper hand means ... War.

Quite simply, war is an attempt by those who defend the order to prevail over the chaos, while those who defend the chaos will try the same thing in equal and opposite sense.
Moreover it is also true that there cannot be light without darkness, or simplifying, a perfect balance without the alternation of the one and the other.

So what is the best formula for coexistence of Order and Chaos?
If the order has prevailed for the most up to date, to keep in equilibrium is now the chaos time, and so on down the eons of the universe in perfect viable alternative. Just like two children, holding hands each other, play running in circle. If at least one of them leave, they both disastrously fall.
This is the surprise that the generals and the big heads of state do not recognize: that is if the enemy fail, they fail too. Just try to think: wars end with "truce", without winners or losers. This is the sign that the tour returned balanced, as it's in a temporary stasis, but just until the next round!

But what a sad thing that "the whirlwind unclean" is so costly in terms of human lives, suffering, and pain. We are part of a dynamic system although we lover the peace, the "stagnation", the quiet living.

If anything our civilization would recognize to be wrong by it's foundations, I hope it dumbs without creating any damage.
After all, tto rebuild everything there always is this incurable, unbalanced and crazy human being.

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