Lord's Theory: Pigeon are Superior Creatures.

Pigeon is a superior creature.

Our day starts in the cold, when about all the working population goes inside a plate car and the micro-dust. A non return travel to the working place.

Between columns and car accidents, we reach the destination point, and the pigeon is already there. It looks to us with his friends, from the top of a street lamp. Everyone in line to observe the monotony of the workers path.

When they notice us, they carry out their primary biological function.

The man in column is a man later. The impetuosity, the tension, he must run, run!
The pigeon look us and starts as follow: "thruuu thruuu, thruuu thruuu”.

At working lunch time we can see them again. They are there, eating from at least one hour before us. They love to eat one another. They must not reserve a place or come to blows, the birdseed stand below a pine or between the grass.

They also haven't true predators. Maybe some little cats, but hardly they escape away.

We could think that they didn't eat a good lunch, but I personally haven't seen yet slim pigeons .
Also here it's a superior one.

During the day the tiredness starts to hit us. Looking outside a window pigeons are disappeared. Where could they be gone ? Obvious, the more lucky are coddling the female, while the others, those UNLUCKY ones, are having a middle-day nap.

Some sleepless pigeons fly in front of us, sometimes, and they remember us that they haven't any kind of commit we have.

The evening arrives... we escape in full hurry. The traffic is waiting for us but if we run a bit we escape from our psichological half-hour column. The pigeon already stands into the grass, better in small groups, looking for food but without any hurry. Then, he starts a tired fly and finishes upon a top place.

It could pass also a pontiff below, but if the need calls.... PLAF!

Let's run to the dry cleaner, but all together we must admit that the pigeon is perfectly integrated into the society and it's also environment respectful.

Ah, maybe someone understood this before you...

...the Pigeon is a Superior Creature!

Lord Hol Napult

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