POLL Results - "What you'd like to find most in a videogame ?"

Poll result:
"What you'd like to find most in a videogame ?"

No-CD Executables : 4
Free Play (ex:GTA4) : 3
Erotism : 3
Heavy Metal : 2
Humor Spots : 1
Easter Egg (secrets) : 1
Minigames : 0
Reality : 0

This Poll was very curious... we conclude that we hate the cd-rom required inside the drive to play a videogame. I don't open the piracy discuss down here but I think that people, also the ones that buy originals, quickly start the non-cd crack research after installing a game. I hope that some Majors hear us....

Free Play and Erotism run on the same frequency: freedom in fact require to be able to do everything in a videogame, not just drive and shoot :)

Secondarily come Heavy Metal and humor Spots... probably the today-games are too much dark and bloody.

The only think that a videogamer hates is the harsh Reality. This should be a knife for the simulatos, because some are so technical that they make you lose the will to play. In fact the videogames are and will remain a way to escape the routine of the days. It must give a dream, a hope, or simply an adventure.

I thanks everyone partecipated to my Polls. A few but Good.
I recommend you, tag the future polls !!!!

Lord Hol Napult

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